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March 2, 2016 board meeting minutes


 TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE  - General Meeting - March 2, 2016

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Bauers called the meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.


ROLL CALL: Present Frank Bauers, Jeff Hunter, Brian Nerdahl, Richard Held and Steve Perry.  Brian Jopek from the Lakeland Times and 3 others were also present.


AGENDA:  Motion by Held, second by Perry to approve the agenda. Motion carried.


MINUTES: Motion by Nerdahl, second by Hunter to approve the minutes of the February 17th, 2016 meeting as read. Motion carried.


PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE:  1) An explanation of the Referendum questions was prepared so it could be posted and published.  2) A copy of the letter that was sent to Minocqua regarding the baiting ban.  3) SBA Communications has been permitted by the County to put up a cell tower at 2742 US Hwy 51N.  Because of rule changes regarding cell towers, the towns input is no longer needed.


SURVEY OF JOANN AHLBORN’S PROPERTY: Joanne Ahlborn has had her property resurveyed because people think it’s the town road and are trespassing on her property. The blacktop runoff is actually beyond where the town road ends. She is allowing people who live on West Spur to have access to their property but will put up no trespassing signs for others.  She presented a copy of her survey and the board agreed. We own the culvert but not to the end of the blacktop.  


OPERATORS LICENSES: There were none to report.


FIRE CODE INSPECTION ORDINANCE: The Arbor Vitae Volunteer Fire Dept. requested that the board have a Fire Code Inspection Ordinance to give the Fire Dept. more enforcement power when doing fire inspections. Motion by Held, second by Perry to approve the Fire Code Inspection Ordinance as presented. Unanimously approved.


PUBLIC NUISANCE ORDINANCE DISCUSSION: Some minor changes to the draft were necessary. The letter sent to offenders is from the Board and not just the Chairman and we should use Helds complaint form and not Woodruffs.  


ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Held, second by Nerdahl to adjourn the meeting at 7:45PM. The next general meeting is March 16th, 2016 at 7:00PM.