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September 2, 2015 meeting minutes


 TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE  - General Meeting - September 2, 2015

CALL TO ORDER: Supervisor Hunter called the meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.


ROLL CALL: Present Jeff Hunter, Brian Nerdahl, Richard Held and Steve Perry. Frank Bauers was absent.  Brian Jopek from the Lakeland Times and 3 other people were also present.


AGENDA:  Motion by Held, second by Perry to approve the agenda. Motion carried.


MINUTES: Motion by Nerdahl, second by Hunter to approve the minutes of the August 19th, 2015 meeting as read. Motion carried.


PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE:  1) Old Hwy. 51S is done being repaved. 2) WTA dues increase for next year. 3) 2015 Senate Bill 242 requiring approval by a municipal governing body before construction of highway roundabouts. 4) Operational Planning meeting regarding Hwy. M from Hwy. 51 to Hwy. N.


LAKELAND SENIOR CENTER APPROPRIATION 2015: Nerdahl gave the board an updated budget and reported that the appropriation was reduced due to the expenses being reduced. He also informed everyone about the upcoming meeting on 9-14-15 at the Woodruff Townhall at 10:00am and another at 6:30pm. to take input on the future of the Lakeland Senior Center and what peoples vision is for the center.


OPERATORS LICENSES: There were none.


HWY 51 ACCESS POINT CONCERNS – MIKE MEYERS: Mike Meyers came to the meeting asking the board for support in getting something in writing from the DOT so he knows what he’s dealing with as far as his access points on his Hwy 51 property. The property was split in 2001 and he purchased parcel 2 in October of 2002. At that point there were 2 DOT numbered access points and 2 curb cuts. In 2003 the Controlled Access Project was recorded and according to the DOT all old driveway permits were invalidated. The board wrote a letter, and the DOT promised that no one would lose any access points. Meyers is requesting this information be in writing confirming the number of access points he has so he can legally move forward. The Board sided with Meyers, for that parcel to be developed, those access points were something he shouldn’t lose.


ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Nerdahl, second by Perry to adjourn the meeting at 8:07PM. The next general meeting is September 19th, 2015 at 7:00PM. These are the unapproved minutes of the September 2nd, 2015 meeting.


Mary Reuland, Clerk