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July 16, 2014 meeting minutes


 TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE  - General Meeting - July 16, 2014

 TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE  - General Meeting - July 16, 2014
CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Bauers called the general meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.
ROLL CALL: Present Frank Bauers, Jeff Hunter, Richard Held, Steve Perry and Brian Nerdahl. Robin Stafford and Matt Bronson from the WI DOT were also present.   
AGENDA: Motion by Held, second by Perry to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.
MINUTES:  Motion by Nerdahl, second by Hunter to approve the minutes of the July 2nd, 2014 meeting as read. Motion carried. Motion by Held, second by Bauers to approve the minutes of the July 9th, 2014 meeting as read. Motion carried.
TREASURER’S REPORT:  The June report was reviewed by the board. Item 52215- Fire & Rescue Equipment is grossly over budget. Freudigmann will talk to the accountant. Motion by Nerdahl, second by Perry to approve the report after that correction. Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE:  1)Devil’s Elbow final report.  2)An Olson Memorial Library trustee is needed.  3)The regular evening of the Vilas County Board of Supervisors will be held here on 7-22-14 @ 6:30PM. 4)Open Book reminder will be on 7-23-14 at 10AM to 12PM. 5)Budget for repairs to the siding of the town hall, and to crackseal, sealcoat and stripe the parking lot.
HWY 51 DISCUSSION:  Matt Bronson, Project Development Chief and Robin Stafford, Project Supervisor were present to hear the concerns of the town board. The board had previously submitted a letter stating, no round-a-bout, no sidewalks because of the maintenance, no taking of any land and the D.O.T has never responded until now. Nerdahl stated that the stop lights provided a certain amount of gapping to allow cars and buses access to Hwy 51 from the school. The round-a-bout would not provide the same thing. Perry doesn’t want to see Preuss’s Pub loose their access point the DOT just purchased. The DOT asked whether 4 or 5 lanes would work better and questions on the setbacks at places like Hillestad and Monical’s were of concern. These are preliminary, because the design timeline has been moved back to 2017 & 2018 but they are the questions our board would need to get back to the DOT with answers. The DOT would like to have another informational meeting at the end of Sept. or Oct. with the public.
APPROVE AIRPORT INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT: The final draft of the Airport Intergovernmental Agreement with the recommended changes from the attorney was ready to be signed. Motion by Bauers, second by Held to approve the agreement under the recommendation of the attorney. Unanimously approved.
LANDSCAPING WORK AT THE AV SIGN: We got a price to have some landscaping work done at the new Arbor Vitae sign and it included  16’ x 10’ planter that Bauers and Welch felt would be more than needed. A motion by Held was seconded by Hunter to talk over the changes with the landscaper and not to exceed $7000.00 on the project. Unanimously approved.
OPERATOR’S LICENSES: There were 2 applicants and everything checked out. Motion by Perry, second by Nerdahl to approve the Operator’s licenses as presented. Unanimously approved.
TRUCK SALE:  At the 7-2-14 meeting an offer to purchase our 2003 International was submitted by Mid States for $42,000.00 and it was tabled until a later date for consideration. Motion by Held, second by Bauers to sell our 2003 International to Mid State for $42,000.00. Unanimously approved.
BUILDING REPORT:  1-shed $2,000.00,  1- carport $2,500.00, 2-addition $126,200.00,  1-deck $800.00, 1-demo $2,500.00.   Month’s total $134,000.00.  Year’s total $3,898,246.00.   
APPROVE CHECKS & VOUCHERS:  Checks 36254 to 36316 were approved for July in the amount of $38,256.99.  
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:50PM. The next general meeting is August 6th, 2014.