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June 5, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes


TOWN OF ARBOR VITAE  - General Meeting - June 5, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Supervisor Hunter called the meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.

ROLL CALL: Jeff Hunter, Richard Held, Brian Nerdahl and Steve Perry. Frank Bauers was absent. Mike Welch, Road Foreman was also present.

AGENDA:  Motion by Held, second by Perry to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

MINUTES: Motion by Perry, second by Nerdahl to approve the minutes of the May 15th, 2013 meeting as read. Motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE:  1)Vilas County Economic Development Corp. letter asking for our support in allowing access to publicly owned communication towers under our jurisdiction.  2)Robert & Susan Jacobs letter on real estate assessments. 3)Welch would like to see the town hire a landscaper to improve the property on Hwy 51 where our sign will go.

ROADS TO BID FOR REPAIR OR REPAVING: Nerdahl gave the board a great road ratings report which led to a very lengthy discussion with our road crew foreman on what roads to bid for repaving and repair. Motion by Held, second by Perry to award Pitlik & Wick the contract for $19,475.00 for ride control and cracksealing so that Scott Construction can do the chip sealing Unanimously approved. Motion by Nerdahl, second by Perry was made and rescinded for the North and South Farming Rd. repairs so that they could be approved individually. Motion by Nerdahl, second by Perry to approve the contract to do repairs on N. Farming Rd. for safety concerns. Unanimously approved. Motion by Perry, second by Hunter to approve the contract for S. Farming Rd for safety concerns. Unanimously approved.  After further discussion about the amount of money in our road account and road tour findings a motion by Held was seconded by Perry to bid out Santo Rd., Snyder Rd., Rux Rd., and Willies Dr. as our budget allows. Unanimously approved.

APPROVE 2013-2014 LIQUOR LICENSES: 20 establishments applied for liquor licenses. All legal notices were advertised. One Class B Combination bar is having issues with the Dept. of Revenue and a hold was placed on the application until things are resolved. Motion by Nerdahl, second by Perry to approve all Class A, Class B-Beer, Class C-Wine and all Class B-Combination licenses as presented with the exception of the one bar which will be contingent on the release from the Dept. of Revenue. Unanimously approved.

APPROVE 2013-2014 CIGARETTE LICENSES:  There are 4 businesses applying for cigarette licenses. A motion by Nerdahl was seconded by Held to approve the cigarette licenses as presented. Unanimously approved.

OPERATORS LICENSES: There are 49 applications for operator’s license. Background checks have been done and all meet the towns criteria. Motion by Perry, second by Held to approve the 49 licenses as presented. Unanimously approved.

TRID PROJECT – OLD HWY 51N: MSA provided the staking and in the field they are actually offset 5-ft. further back so it looks bigger than it actually is. Frontier Communications will relocate phone lines near the west end and Pitlik will start sometime in June.

APPROVE FIRE TRUCK: The fire truck was approved by the voters at the annual meeting so a motion by Hunter was seconded by Nerdahl to approve the purchase of the front line pumper for the fire department taking a loan for $330,000.00. The fire department will pay the balance. Unanimously approved.

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion by Held, second by Perry to adjourn the meeting at 8:30PM. The next general meeting is June 19th, 2013.

These are the unapproved minutes of the June 5th, 2013 meeting.