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The 2012 real estate and personal property tax bills are in the mail.  Please make sure you read the insert letter on blue paper that comes along with your tax bill.  There is important information regarding the hours that I will be in the office to collect your tax bill payments and issue you a receipt.  I prefer payment in CHECK or MONEY ORDER.  I do not have a cash till and cannot give change.  PLEASE NOTE:  I have been summoned to jury duty the week December 17, so there is a chance I will not be available the days I have listed on the calendar for that week.  You may still leave you tax payment with the clerk, but she cannot issue a receipt.  I will do that promptly on my return to the office and you will get your receipt via USPS.  Attached below is a copy of that information letter and calendar. 


I wish you all a very blessed Christmas season. 


Barb Freudigmann, Treasurer

2012-2013 TAX COLLECTIONS page 1.doc27.5 KB
2012-2013 tax collection calendar page 2.doc79 KB