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Richard A Held; running for town board supervisor; incumbent

Richard A. Held: Town supervisor Arbor Vitae.
Hello, my name is Richard A. Held, I’ve been a Town Supervisor in Arbor Vitae for the last eight years, and it’s been a job I have thoroughly enjoyed. Before retiring I enjoyed years as a math and computer science instructor; I hold both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My son, a 2006 graduate of LUHS, is currently in his second year of Law School at the University in Madison. I’ve been married to my wife, Louise, since 1969. All of us like the area; we find the people warm and friendly, the schools outstanding, the affiliation with our church and other community groups has been great, and the community services plentiful. Neither my wife nor myself would want to live anywhere else.
My expertise on the town board is in the areas of library and cemetery administration. In 2006 the state passed ACT 420, a law, which required all municipalities to become part of a library system. While I was at a county library meeting, Diane Anderson of the Eagle River system approached me, and they allowed us to join that system. I am now a trustee of that system. Arbor Vitae was then able to enter into an agreement with Minocqua to use their library on a sliding fee schedule. The system is working, and I believe that residents of all three towns have been happy. The town cemetery is located on South Farming Road, and its name is Sunset Memorial. There had not been an active commission for a while, and I saw this as an opportunity that needed tackling. In the last eight years we’ve added a well, electricity, black top road, benches for viewing the sunset, (a necessity for Sunset Memorial), flowering trees, and several shrubs in the memorial garden. Even with these improvements, the fund is much larger than when we started. We’ve modernized the tempo to include living memorials, and brought it into the 21st century with accommodations for more cremation burials, and memorial stones for those interned elsewhere. When I’m not working in my own garden in the summer, you’re apt to find me there. A cemetery is one of those rare municipal holdings that has the potential to pay it’s own way.
In conclusion, the last eight years have brought changes to the Town Of Arbor Vitae. As you head north on highway 51, you see two new strip malls that are doing well. A new propane distribution center, Allied, a leader in distributing defibrillators, the new food pantry, and the new cell tower on Buckhorn Road – all examples of economic growth, and limited economic growth is what I envisioned eight years ago. Our tourist industry is doing well, our population is growing, and our mill rate has hardly changed, even though some expenses have escalated, while our shared revenues have dropped. Getting a handle on the financial side of the job has been my forte with a background in mathematics. As I see it, the job of a town supervisor is to ensure fiscal responsibility, while meeting all the statutory requirements, as well as the residents’ needs. Things like safe roads, a great fire department, ensuring library access, and availability of modern communication infrastructure are a necessity. It’s been a great time for my family and the Town.
Richard A. Held