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Town Board Minutes January 18, 2012

Genera Meeting
January 18, 2012
CALL TO ORDER: Chairman Bauers called the general meeting to order at 7:00PM. It had been properly posted and the media notified.

ROLL CALL: Present Frank Bauers, Jeff Hunter, Brian Nerdahl, Steve Perry and Richard Held.   3 others were also present.

AGENDA: Motion by Held, second by Perry to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.

MINUTES:  Motion by Held, second by Bauers to approve the minutes of the December 21, 2011 meeting. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Freudigmann reviewed the December Treasurer’s report with the board. At this point we’ve taken in about 34% of the taxes. The board questioned fuel usage and utility cost. A CD is coming due for the Fire Dept and Freudigmann asked direction. Motion by Perry, second by Nerdahl to approve the report as presented. Motion carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS / CORRESPONDENCE: 1)Pat Massino from the DOT sent a letter concerning the status of the land at the corner and she will contact us when approvals are received.   2)The Metallic Mining application was received from the DNR and it will be on the next agenda. 3)There was no January 4th, 2012 meeting due to lack of an agenda.

FAHRNER UPDATE & INFORMATION:  Bob McMahon from Fahrner told the board that he still needed to do warranty work that didn’t get done last year. On 3 different occasions the work was scheduled but due to weather or other priorities wasn’t done. It will be scheduled first this spring. He then talked to the board about possibly chip sealing our town roads this year instead of blacktopping. He brought in some samples of different types of aggregate and welcomed the board to go out to different communities that have done the chip sealing and see how the roads are holding up.
LEMMA CR. RD. DISCUSSION:  ATC, when clearing for the WPS transmission line, clear cut the town road right-of-way without permission. There is about 47 cords of wood that is stacked along Lemma Creek Rd. Motion by Bauers, second by Held to meet with a representative from ATC to get a release on the wood and then Fink Brothers will pick it up and sell it.  Unanimously approved.

DRAW FOR BALLOT ORDER – APRIL ELECTION:  The 3 candidates running for Supervisor in the April Spring Election drew numbers and will be listed as follows on the ballot:  #1- Brian Hazelett,  #2 – Richard Held,   #3 – Brian Nerdahl.

OPERATOR’S LICENSE:  There were 3 applicants all for WiseGuys. 2 of the applicants checked out. Rob Balistreri, agent for WiseGuys was present and asked the board to consider the 3rd application even with the 2 – OWI’s within the last 5 years because she could be trusted and he hasn’t had much luck with other bartenders. The board sympathized but felt they hadn’t bent the rule for others and she actually had 2 OWI’s in 2 years, that she wouldn’t be a good candidate for an operator. Motion by Bauers, second by Nerdahl to approve the request for the 2 but to deny the one with the 2 – OWI’s. Unanimously approved.

BUILDING REPORT:  December’s total $0.  Year’s total $2,844,790.00. Butler turned in his annual report with comparsions over the last 3 years. He also alerted the board that the uniform dwelling code is no longer under the Dept. of Commerce but is now under the Dept. of Safety & Professional Services(D.S.P.S.). He has also gotten all his certifications back except for HVAC which he will have in a couple of weeks. He did this due to the illness of Rick Clem.

APPROVE CHECKS & VOUCHERS:  Checks 33550 to 33635 were approved for January in the amount of $2,118,755.45.

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 7:45PM. Next general meeting is February 1st, 2012.

These are the unapproved minutes of the January 18th, 2012 meeting.

Mary Reuland, Clerk